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Go with the flow car drop off and pick up

Information for our 'go with the flow' (GWTF) system.

We all want safety for our kids and to keep 'go with the flow' going!

All new GWTF users and Kindergarten parents, please contact should you like to use the GWTF system.

Please follow these rules

  • Only the first 15 cars in the queue are allowed to park, no double parking down Birriga Road as you will be booked! Please use the turning circle at the school, turn right onto Birriga and use the roundabout to then re-join the queue.
  • No double parking on either side of the slip road – offenders will be photographed. Police and rangers are patrolling the area both morning and afternoon.
  • No parents should be getting out of their car in the GWTF line as this causes unnecessary delays. Please be courteous, considerate and use common sense when dropping off or picking up kids in GWTF.
  • Show appreciation to all our helpers with a simple smile and thank you, while they are assisting your children.
  • Give cars on the right and behind you, right of way when pulling off from the GWTF line.
  • Buses have right of way before attempting to use the turning circle
  • Please do not slip into the GWTF line unless you see a large enough space to park parallel with the pavement, (many cars park at an angle, which creates further congestion).

Please pass on this information to anyone picking up your children.


The shifts are:

  • Morning shift - 8:45am to 9:15am
  • Afternoon shift - 3:10pm to 3:40pm.

If you are unable to make your shift, please first try and find a replacement. In the case of illness please let know as soon as possible. 

If you have a number and don’t already assist with GWTF your number will be cancelled in Term 2 unless you give two dates you are able to assist. 

Guidelines and notes are included to assist helpers on how the system works (new helpers will always work with an experienced helper, to receive further assistance to familiarise themselves with how the system works).



If you have available dates to help for Term 1 2019 and/or would like to start using GWTF in Term 1 2019, please contact GWFT.